Fashion Photography

The initial task of fashion-photo was commercial: at some point, fashion designers realized that it is not enough to show things on the model to sell it, it is important to create an atmosphere and to sell a lifestyle. In that case the women customers choose not to buy the bag of the brand Dior or Chanel, but a dream of being a woman shown in the photo with the bag. 

These photographs offer a dream, give rise to a desire to be the same as the woman in this picture, belong to a particular social group.

 It is a special type of photography in the fashion world when the clothes and accessories photographed for sale and presentations to customers. First of all it is required for design companies, individual clothing designers, and online stores. The main task — to show the clothes in the most advantageous manner and get the customer to buy as much as possible of things looking at these images.

It is important to sell a particular lifestyle and a dream. And that is what does make a difference in fashion photography. Either it is a lingerie store or abbaya collection.